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I know that some surgeons, like mine, suggest tofu in post-op diet. I did my best to ignore that.

However, Mr Sue had brutal oral surgery this morning and he is on SOFT cold or room temperature foods for at least a week.

So...lukewarm mashed potatoes with gravy are acceptable to him, but have no protein. Do I just mash up the soft--or silken--tofu into the potatoes and heat it all together, add gravy and then let it cool a bit? It doesn't need to be "cooked" in any serious way, does it? You suppose some could be added to cream of chicken soup?

I want options for him...he'll tire quickly of protein shakes.


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Sorry he's a hurting cowboy. Sounds like he needs the same things we had to eat during the "softs" phase post-DS surgery.

They say tofu has no flavor but I think it has sort of a plastic taste. I cut it in slices or cubes and marinate it in soy or something. Cooking it in sesame oil tastes good to me. I prefer firm tofu but if you are trying to hide it in mashes potatoes, you'll want the soft stuff. You'll need lots of gravy as potatoes don't have enough flavor to mask the tofu.

How about smooched tuna fish with mayo? That's good cold. Ditto with egg salad. Refried beans with cheese? My upscale grocery store makes a ham salad with such finely minced ham, it wouldn't need to be chewed and tastes good eaten with a fork. Poke around in the dips and spreads section of the grocery store.

Hope he feels better soon.


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My upscale grocery store makes a ham salad with such finely minced ham, it wouldn't need to be chewed and tastes good eaten with a fork.
I ate a ton of that growing up in the midwest. Then I moved to the west coast, and nobody has heard of it! It's like ham-flavored toothpaste.


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The west coast likes to eat healthy -- they miss so much. The ham salad I'm thinking of is not as smooth as toothpaste. Ham salad on Triscuits is fabulous. Liverwurst is more toothpaste-like.

[Damn autocorrect. schmooshed not smooched. You don't have to kiss the tuna salad.]

Hmmm what about a creamy chicken liver pate? I have a great Jacques Pepin recipe if you're up for cooking.


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Best bet for tofu us in hotpot style clear broths or pan fried, with some kind of soy or oyster sauce/marinade. You'll want the firm tofu for both.


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I don't think there IS enough gravy on the planet to cover up the taste of that stuff. Why not put a chicken thigh in the blender with a little stock? Or make his shake with ice cream so it actually tastes good? Or Ensure/Boost?


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To make tofu mushy for oral surgery, I would put it in a food processor and make it soft. You you don't need firm for this.

But, there are other ways to get protein that might taste better. Chicken, Tuna, shrimp, egg or ham salad made in a food processor. Soft cheese - think ricotta or queso. I never made this, but post surgery I read about lasagna made without noddles - yum! and there is always Greek yogurt which is super high in protein. Just get it sweetened and it's yummy.

I like tofu, but to make it taste good, generally you need to make it crispy on the outside