The Lightweight Creed

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The Lightweight Creed

I am a Lightweight. I am only one of many others like me. Together, we are a team. Though our journeys and choices may be different, we are bonded together by the commonality of being Lightweights and the strategies, successes and struggles that entails. It is this bond that defines this board.

I began my journey with a BMI of less than 45 and/or with less than 150 lbs excess weight. My lower BMI and excess weight does in no way make me less deserving of medical intervention, and I should not be made to feel inferior or guilty.

I qualified for WLS because I have co-morbidities, or because my medical history proves that my weight is diet and exercise resistant.

I have worked with my healthcare team to determine the best surgical option for me. I am confident that others have done so as well, so I will refrain from passing judgments.

I will freely share the most accurate information I have, as well as my own personal journey and why I chose my surgery in an informative, educational and respectful way so that others may learn from my experiences.

I respect the decisions of my fellow Lightweights, regardless of the surgery they chose and the nutritional/exercise plans they follow.

I will always promote health and a healthy lifestyle, whether physical or mental; and will respect alternate methods and views toward achieving good health, even if I do not espouse them personally.

I will always be sensitive, honest and respectful when contributing to discussions on this board and in my PMs. I will never flame, demean, invalidate or harass others for their questions or decisions. I will remember, at all times, the difficulties and pain I went through on my own journey and be considerate of others when discussing theirs.

I will always defend and unite with my fellow Lightweights against prejudice and hostility.

I understand it is my responsibility to report offensive conduct to my fellow Lightweights, so that we may deal with offending parties as a united front to preserve the supportive and tolerant atmosphere of our board.

I understand that if my conduct becomes offensive, I will not be welcome to participate on this board any longer.

(Created and approved by members of the OH Lightweights Forum, Jan 2008)
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