The Corn Tortilla Announcement

Spiky Bugger

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A fair percentage of DSers find products containing wheat flour difficult to process. Wheat flour can cause bloating, gastric discomfort and worse. So the DSers find alternatives.

I'm a half Italian (pasta) and half Mexican (tortillas) American (sandwiches) girl.

~For pasta, I have found the obvious alternatives, the rice pastas and other gluten-free pastas. And Dreamfield pasta is processed in such a way that I can enjoy a SMALL serving of same.

~For tortillas, I have had to forgo those glorious giant flour tortillas...the ones used to make burritos. I have learned to almost enjoy corn tortillas. EXCEPT...the bastards have started to gringo-ize corn tortillas to make them softer and more pliable and to accomplish that, they add wheat flour. So, BEWARE! In restaurant situations, you now have to ASK if the corn tortillas are made with wheat flour.

~For bread, I use sprouted wheat bread (Trader Joes or an Ezekial-type product) or, occasionally, I can have a small amount of REAL sourdough bread. I can do that one day in a row. So I have to watch it. And it has to be REAL sourdough, not something made to look like/taste like sourdough.