Sunday Weigh In (5/12/2019)


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Happy Mother’s Day for all our mothers.

Ok, due to an insurance snafu with my Advantage plan and my Part D not going active til 1 June, I’ve been off my thyroid meds for a week to save the three weeks I had left for before I get my lab work. And my scale is showing the effects.

Last week 145
This week 147!


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LW: 142
TW: 142

I am approaching 3 years out. I am no longer obsessed with my weight and size. I eat, take my supplements, do a little exercise, check the scale once a week, and my weight basically stays the same. Freedom!
Feels good to not be so obsessed, doesn’t it.
You are doing good.
Last week 228.8
This week 227.8

Still hanging around this part of the scale. Pants are loose again even though my weight hasn't gone much of anywhere.
Sounds like you are on the loosing inches part of the way down. For many of us, losing weight and inches alternate after the first couple of months.