Sugery finally done


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Way to early to worry about protein. Just stay hydrated even if it means just a sip of something every few minutes. Try water with a little lemon or peppermint tea did wonders for me. It helped my tummy stay settled. All you need to worry about the first few weeks is to sip, walk, rest, repeat. You shouldn't have to worry about protein until about 30 days out. Take care and I scooted on down on the loosers bench!


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Congratulations! I don't have any tips for you as I am pre-op, but I am wishing you the best, and look forward to hearing about how you are doing.


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What Barb said...sip, walk, rest, repeat. And try different flavors, and temps of fluids. I couldn't do anything really cold for a long time...had to be more room temp or even warm.


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Congratulations on a successful procedure! Try hot, cold, and lukewarm for the water - For me, icy cold popsicles or hot tea / broth was best, but others like it room temperature - and this preference could be different to what you liked pre-op. Wishing you a speedy recovery! :)


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Welcome to the dark side. I hope you feel better soon. Just sip. The more you drink the better you will feel.


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Sip sip sip. Always have a bottle of liquids with you, it helps to have it on hand. Protein isn't number 1 right now, keeping up hydration is :) Glad you made it through to the dark side :)


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Glad to hear this and welcome to the dark side. As others have said, your number one job right now is hydration and rest. I know you will feel like you aren't getting enough nutrients to survive, but trust me, food is secondary now. Hydration is not optional so find whatever works for you to drink (this was extremely tough for me as I just wasn't thirsty and everything I tried to drink tasted like garbage).

As far as protein and eating please keep this GOAL in mind as it really helped me.

At 30 days the goal is 30 grams of protein daily
At 60 days the goal is 60 grams of protein daily
At 90 days the goal is 90 grams of protein daily

Please remember that is only a goal and if you aren't quite there you will not starve or have a serious health issue.

BTW, if you can stomach the protein drinks (I could not), you kill two birds with one stone as it is getting you hydration and counts towards your minimum of 64 oz of fluids daily (not optional) and it gets you some protein without having to eat anything. As you know, eating right now after surgery is very difficult.

Good luck with your journey. I am sure you will do fine.


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your fluid intake is the most important thing right now - experiment like Liz said. with me it was ice cold that worked best.

once you are getting in enough fluid then start tracking protein.


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Welcome to the losing team! Try Smart Water for a while. It has electrolytes and smaller molecules so it seems to go down easier. That was all I drank for a couple months. All water is not equal. Try different brands until you find the one that works for you. That was the best information I received from someone that was about 6 mos post op when I got my surgery. Smart Water was my life saver.


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Hi Tracy605,
Benn about 6 weeks now since your surgery. I just became a member so I wanted to check in with you and see how you are progressing. My rny was april 20, 2015. Hope you are getting your rhythm done. I'm still working on mine. Tulipgirl