Squats and lunges


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As to sculpting the glutes... there are 2 exercises that help me

1..lie on your back.. lift legs up about 6 inches, open them up, close, and put them down, keeping them 6 inches off the floor. Really helps the belly too.

2. Get on your hands and knees on all four. Point one leg straight back.. then the other. As an addition, I sometimes try to point abve the horizontal, arching my back a bit.

I do each 3x10. After a while I added leg weights. You can get overwhelmed by the variety and number of things to do. My method was to start with one, and slowly add as the weeks went by
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Just tried. Does it count as a squat if you go down, but not back up again? If so, nailed it! Apparently, my knees do not permit this.

This reminds me of how I first learned to do chin up... which were beyond me when I was a kid. I'd do chin downs, starting with my chin above the bar, and letting myself down.... Eventually I could do a chin up..

Might work for you


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And ashamed of the fact I have never been able to do a proper squat, I just bought a gizmo called the Squat Magic.
I will be interested to hear what you think of it.

and I wish you would be proud of yourself instead of being ashamed of anything. you are strong and very, very, very hard working. astonishingly so!