Side sleepers, help!


Ok side sleepers were you able to sleep on your side after you came home from having a DS? I sleep on my sides almost the entire night. Any tips or is it a no no?

Susan in Tennessee

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I couldn’t for some time, and that’s my preferred sleep position. Things inside just felt uncomfortable as if they were falling around with room to tumble about. I slept on my back mostly or half propped up with pillows.


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I'm a side sleeper and, like Susan, definitely could not sleep in my preferred position for some time after DS. Normally, if I am not on my right side, I toss and turn. After DS, once off of the pain meds that allowed blissful sleep in almost any position, I struggled to fall asleep on my back. I found having a bunch of pillows under my knees made it easier, but honestly old habits die hard and I never learned to feel comfortable that way. Always took me extra time to fall asleep. I've had other surgeries where I slept in a recliner and that was tough too... In the end it is all worth it.


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I was a back sleeper. I've had spine surgeries and side sleeping gets it all kinked up. I'm 5 years out from my last back surgery and JUST now laying on my side while reading but I still have to sleep on my back.

But I had a cat who slept on my stomach pre-op. I had to put a pillow over me to keep him off it while I healed.


I put pillows under my back so I am somewhat on my side I sleep pretty well. I am a side/tummy sleeper. I wake up half the night right now that I’m only 4 days out and sleep in my recliner with my knees pulled in a bit to my chest helps with the gas...


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Pillows. Body pillow shoved up against my back, one in front, leg on top. Totally propped and solid.