Serving sizes from...A Mystical Place?

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[Just so we’re on the same page...there are three parts to a chicken wing: the flapper (aka wing tip), the wingette and the drumette.]

The package says it is 16 ounces and there are 3.5 servings in the box. Opened, we find there are 14 wings. The heating directions say to put seven wings on a microwaveable plate.


If we place seven wings on a plate...twice...does that mean each plate of seven wings is two servings? If it does, did we not just prepare FOUR servings? So the box has four servings? And, btw, half of those seven wings equals three and a half wings and even then each “wing” is really only half a wing, right? So actually, it sounds like they are saying that 1.75 (full) wings is “a serving.” Other than immediately post-op, did you ever feel like 1.75 chicken wings equaled a “serving?”

Additionally, who is in charge of what “a serving” of ice cream is? Not that a veteran DSer would ever eat ice cream. ;) The labels of four different ice cream packages tell me that a serving is 57 grams, 65 grams or 90 grams. And the one in the cutsie little cup that has something that resembles a whipped topping says that one cutsie little cup is a 128 grams.

Imma go eat a bun-free hot dog and a gluten-free cookie.

Also, this is why you should plan ahead for your retirement. If you do not, you may spend what limited time and brain cells you have left wondering about serving sizes and other meaningless pursuits.


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you want to talk numbers that don't make any sense? I have size 4 jeans that fit me and a size 10 top that is too small. and my chest is pretty skinny and my butt really isn't.

dunno about chicken wings, but with ice cream it's really going to depend on what it's made of. some brands seem to be mostly oil and air and I'm not sure what. I try to avoid those, for sure. ick!


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There's also that toilet paper roll math to ponder, where through some loaves and fishes type miracle, one roll equals three rolls.... ;)


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If 14 wings = 3.5 servings, then each serving is 4 wings. the 0.5 serving is the final 2 wings (3 servings of 4 wings = 12 wings, 0.5 serving = 2 wings. Got that?
The big math flaw is telling you to heat 7 wings at a time, which = 1.75 servings. If 2 people are sharing, someone is going to be 0.25 of a serving short changed. So, the servings sort of make sense, but the cooking instructions don't.