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I only said those who have information please stop posting go talk and tell DOPL in utah. This has and continues to be criminal unethical physicians. They need to be charged and prosecuted. Spunky bugger wants to pick a fight this is not normal behavior. Consent for surgery rights and lives have been ruined. Never mentioned you. Go for spunky bugger!
Instead of us doing something, his patients need to do something. We legally can not do anything as this forum is not responsible for his data. But patients have a voice if they talk to the Insurance Commission of Utah. And the Medical Board in Utah.

Good luck.


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Blessed Gotta say, your anger seems mis directed. It seems to point at this group, or more particularly, the original poster and, as I understand it, the founder and maintainer of this group. She does good work, and helps us all by keeping a place where we can talk over our problems

Maybe you want to rethink your approach

FWIIW, I have no idea of what the 2014 post is, perhaps you can provide a link. It might help to understand what you are talking about.


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I saw post back in 2014 not two years ago. If whomever new about this should have done something besides post. Reviews are for restaurant report unethical medical misconduct. Nothing you say on this post goes nowhere. You said or is accusing whatever you posted. Read the post from 2014 i see you never read the post! Maybe start from when the support group started.

none of us know what 2014 post you are talking about but George is right: your anger is misdirected and there is nothing to blame Southern Lady for!