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Hello everyone, I am new here and I am seeking any advice possible. I had rny in 2015 and now researching how I can obtain revision to the traditional DS, it is possible but I am having issues getting a referral for an approval for my insurance (medical with IEHP, I live in San Bernardino,CA) any help or suggestions would be great. I had medical with Kaiser and they denied me, filed a grievance, got denied, took it to DMHC and got denied, I filed again and filed for a state hearing too. I now switched to IEHP as I said above thay I have but idk how to get this surgery approved. Pre surgery rny 341lbs, surgery weight was 331lbs, got down to 230lbs and now 6 years later I am at 308lbs feeling really discouraged at this time about it all so please be kind, thank you in advance.


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Hi and welcome Jojobanana27 ! I had a traditional DS, for which I will be forever grateful. I had quite a battle going through hoops with insurance. It wasn't a revision, so I can't comment on the rny->DS procedure, but hopefully some of the revisionistas will chime in with their experience. Wishing you all the best!


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Dr Keshishian operated on me a few years ago at Huntington Hospital (in Pasadena) and it was covered by insurance. It wasn’t WLS or RNY to DS revision, but was a different GI surgery to resolve some complex abdominal issues. I was very happy with my care and results.

Dr K definitely does RNY to DS revision surgery for the right patient.