Revision Sleeve to DS experience? tips?

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    Hello everyone :D So I had a revision from sleeve. A little bit about my sleeve, I had in 2014, I did great lost 147 pounds, felt amazing, I was single so no bad food was allowed in my house, and I was in the gym 4/5 days a week... I fell in love, got married, and got pregnant TWICE!!!!!! :eek: and here is were i gained almost 100 pounds back after two pregnancies. I was BLESSED with two adorable, bright eye little boys, 2 years old and 7 months, absolutley no regrets.... but now this momma needs to be able to keep up with her 2 boys so I had a revision in knoxville, TN. Dr. Williams @ new life. He did revise my sleeve and added DS. I am 3 weeks post op and I am down 50 pounds but I am currently stalled for about 5 days. I have read so much of others saying revision was so slow...... didn't loose much weight....... What are yall's experiences? Advice? tips? anything is appreciated. I am doing very low carb higher fat.... I have implemented some exercise in already, the town I live in has a beautiful little walking track and its about 2 miles. :groupwave:
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    I'm not a revision, I had mine as a virgin DS. But what I understand, there is a synergy in doing it all at once. It doesn't mean you won't lose it and you may lose it fast. But the absolute best advice I can give, at least for the first 2-3 months is STAY OFF THE SCALE. If you must weigh, remember, that the number on the scale is not the whole picture. There are NSV's And measurements. I measured once a month.

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    Hi and welcome Momma2boysMomma2boys ! Congratulations on a successful procedure. Please make sure to take it easy and stay hydrated. You definitely have your hands full!

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