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Read and learn what happens when you don't comply with DS lifestyle requirements

Discussion in 'Duodenal Switch' started by Elizabeth N., Jul 5, 2014.


    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    One thing we have learned as a group is to let the talk about what vitamins we need and how to eat LONG term as a DS'er to go in one ear and OUT the other. MOST surgeons are excellent cutters but are LOUSY in the vitamin/long term eating advice. And the NUTS are not much better.

    Chewable...nope. Just pills

    ADEK...forget ANYTHING that is marketed to bariatric patients and do NOT use an ADEK multi.
    1) They are expensive and worthless
    2) A generic centrum EQUIVALENT multi works just fine. I use the Kirkland Daily Multi (found at Costco)
    3) For me...and this is based on MY labs, I do not take ANY A, E or B's at all other than what is in my multi. But I have to take significant amounts of DRY D3 and K. IF I used an ADEK multi, I would be toxic on A & E LONG before getting enough D or K.
    4) Calcium needs to be a calcium CITRATE, If it doesn't say citrate ON the front label, it's the wrong one.
    5) Iron...a carbonyl iron and/or heme iron is best if you can tolerate oral iron. Not everyone can.
    6) Cost per month varies on what YOU need based on yoru own labs. What I spend is not the same as what others need.

    The prescription D you are being given by your doctor will be worthless once you have the DS. You will need DRY based A and D and E and K (NOT a combo)

    And welcome.
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    Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member

    It isn't VITAMINS with itols (sugar alcohols)...I don't think I've ever seen one of those. It's food and protein shakes and, any more, even things that have REAL sugars sometimes also have sugar alcohols. And they give LOTS of people, including non-WLS people, diarrhea and other GI problems.


    Get a copy of your last labs tests and you will see the "normal" values listed, probably as "range."
    Elizabeth N.

    Elizabeth N. Herder of cats

    Take a look at the thread titled "Vitalady Links" in the Vitamins and Labs folder.
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    Sheanie Well-Known Member

    You need to go read all the basic stuff on this forum. No, we do not take all-in-one ADEKs, because they don't have enough D or A for us. The prescription D is oil based, which is fine for normal people. But after DS, we malabsorb oils and fats, and that is oil-based, so it's not any good. We take the DRY forms of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). We take differing amounts, based upon EACH of our lab results.

    Up2Me3 Well-Known Member

    Can someone in lay terms explain to me the difference between RNY and DS......as far as malabsorption? I know that both have some of this......do the RNY's need to be on such a strict vitamin regimen? Would you guys mind sharing your particular daily vitamin regimen...morning, noon, night...what and how you take it. I know that everyone is different and I would need to rely on my own labs BUT I really want a better idea as to what I'm looking at (scheduled for Oct. 21st). I know ADEK and Calcium..............Dry versus oil based.....BUT it seems that there are varying degrees and opinion on all of this.....What brands do you use...how much a month do you spend etc etc...

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Here is a visual of the malabsorption of the RNY versus the DS in vitamins/minerals:

    Yes, RNY's will forever malabsorb vitamins and minerals even tho they regain their ability to absorb CALORIES after 18 to 24 months.

    Several of us have shared our vitamin regimen here: http://bariatricfacts.org/forums/vitamins-labs.16/ And under Vitalady Links is a link to documents she put together for all the surgeries, yes, they are dated 2010 but the levels and types have not changed. Prices ARE different.

    ADEK, NO!!!!! A and D and E and K...yes. Each is a separate pill cause we each need varying amounts.

    Easiest way is to start with the Vitalady list...while we encourage buying from her, many do not. One note...many of her Tender label is made BY BioTech for her. So the Bio Tech and the Tender D3 are the SAME thing...both made BY Bio Tech.

    I use the Kirkland Daily Multi...it's the Daily multi SHE send out and once we got a Costco, we started getting it ourselves.

    Keep reading. I know it's confusing but at some point a light bulb will go off!
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    Up2Me3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks - It is coming slowly. But just when I get my head wrapped around what I'm about to do....I read something else and it scares me and makes me question my decision. Were you like that when deciding to have surgery? I don't know if it's something trying to tell me not to do it....but when I think that I get really down because I can't imgaine continuing on living (nonliving) life at this weight! UGH

    I was just trying to read your labs....feeling very 'uneducated' there! HA .... If it's just a matter of taking vitamins 3 times a day - check my labs twice a year - GREAT....BUT if it's that I will struggle and fight to maintain levels to not loose my teeth and break bones easily...then it makes me worry!
    Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member

    Yes, the RnYs need to be on a strict vitamin regime, but very few surgeons mention that. And, until recently, almost no PCPs understood that. That's why RnY people went through stuff like going completely insane:


    google "bariatric beriberi"

    IMHO, RnY can be more dangerous because "everyone" thinks that the DS is dangerous and gives DS patients a full vitamin regime to follow and the best surgeons send their patients out with routine lab tests two to four times a year, for YEARS after the surgery. Meanwhile, the RnY surgeons cut and send them back to their PCPs who have no clue...and their teeth fall out and they get crazy.
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    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    LOL...I'm STILL learning.

    But if you had seen some of what I wrote before I had my DS while I was still in the very first months, you would not know it was me...I WAS CLUELESS. In fact, a very good friend had to take a figurative 2 X 4 to the side of my head. But it will happen...just KEEP reading and asking questions.

    Heck, even *I* have trouble reading my labs. But that also comes with time and "listening" to what others say in posts. In that respect, google can be your friend.

    Remember, this is for you.

    I figured out LONG time ago that *I* had to know as much about my ailments/diseases/conditions as possible. I was the only expert *I* had. There is not a doctor out there who has as much a vested interest in just YOU as you do. And they have many patients with many different diseases, YOU HAVE JUST ONE PATIENT...YOU! So learn all you can about you, what you are dealing with and what you are planning to deal with. Be assertive and ask questions. Do not accept the "because I am the doctor" line...you know what they call the person who graduates at the bottom of his medical school class? Doctor!

    marissamast 3X to small in 13 mos. Love my DS

    Diana...I think I love you. :)
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    ginger Well-Known Member

    I have not read all the posts, but I sure pray whoever has the DS takes their vits and does their labs religiously. I have known 3 people who have died for improper follow up. So sad as they left children and families.

    veteranDS Member

    Dry vs oil based Rx... brilliant!! Duh now I know why my Rx of 50,000 IU was ineffective!! A thousand kisses!!
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    DianaCox Bad Cop

    How can you be 14 years out and you did you not know this?? Are you following up with Rabkin at least yearly?

    nlamb80 Member


    Oh hey, that's me! Well, my dad. Jeez, I underestimated how long it had been when I wrote that. It was 1995, so it's 20 years now, not 16. I've started losing track of things like that lately, wtf mid-thirties, thanks. He's doing better since this was written, as people can see in my other post. Thanks for sharing his story! :D
    Joy MacRobrts

    Joy MacRobrts Member


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