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I am pre op rny. 2 more apts then I am sent for approval. Im nervous! Ive done everything except right after my 1st apt I gained 7 pounds. It worries me they will deny me. I am now below starting weight. Any tips or advice? Did you get denied the 1st time? I have pcos so i stuggle to lose weight.


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I was told by the doctor I've seen, that weight loss isn't the goal of the supervised part. They want to see that you are committed to the surgery and the aftercare. I have seen many posts of people who gained weight during the 6 months and were still approved.


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Hi Treisner!

I don't know anything about insurance (I was private pay & went to Mexico) but wanted to say welcome to the forum.


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Howdy and welcome. It's not about losing weight, it's about demonstrating compliance.

I'd like to encourage you to learn about your other WLS options. The RNY is no longer the best option out there.


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Hello, welcome! Here in the UK the preop diet is mostly used as a tool to "try" to shrink the liver to make the op that bit easier.

Hope you enjoy it here :)