Powdered Peanut Butter?


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Saw this at Costco yesterday. Haven't tried it but I'm sure it would mix better in shakes than the real thing. Cheaper than regular PB too. Anyone tried this stuff?


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You talking about PB2? My surgeon sold that to his RNY and sleeve patients. I don't see the benefit. Doesn't it still have all the carbs? But no fat. Hmmmm. Let us know if you like it in shakes. I would probably only use it when making my famous Peanut Butter Cake recipe, to get even MORE peanut flavor in the frosting.


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I bought some but, haven't used it yet. I also bought the PB2 chocolate flavored. I have seen recipes for cookies that call for it. Serving size is 2T. It has only 1.5g of fat, 5g of carbs, 2g fiber and 5g of protein.

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I tried it when I was on WW. Wasn't a fan.
But, it probably would be good to mix in shakes. I was trying to make peanut butter out of it.


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I've used peanut flour before (P2, NOW brand.. tastes the same).. It's def something more blend-able for shakes, good for adding peanut flavor to baked things without having to adjust fats/liquids... I used to make a nutter-butter flavored protein shake with this and some SF DaVinci dulce de leche syrup back when I drank them regularly. It's pretty decent fiber too, nearly half the carbs are fiber. Whatcha planning to do with it? I don't use it often anymore, but think I still have some in fridge! Whatever you do, don't try to "reconstitute" it and use it in place of the real PB, without the fat, it's just meh, bordering on blarg.


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Bad... but not unusual for me at this point, heh. I get a package of chocolate cookies, and I will sit down and eat all of them. The sad thing is I'm not eating past the point of being full, either. It just takes a LOT of empty carbs to fill me up. In contrast, I ate two low-carb "egg mcmuffins" this morning (no actually English muffins, just eggs, guacamole and sausage) and I was full - and I still am, a couple of hours later.


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