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Opinions on Delano Regional Med Ctr in Delano, CA

Discussion in 'Duodenal Switch' started by mjctexas, May 8, 2018.


    mjctexas Member

    I called Dr. K's office today to ask some initial questions.. and to my surprise, he answered the phone (I didn't know it was him at first until he told me). I told the guy answering the phone that I had read many favorable reviews about Dr. K and wanted info. on the DS procedure. The guy responded "Why on earth would you choose him?" - I was speechless for a few secs, and then he laughs and tells me he is kidding and that HE IS Dr. K - LOL. He said he was helping Kristina answer phones because they were ringing non-stop! He also talked to me for several minutes about my situation. Let me tell you - my first impression is he seems like a very genuine person, FUNNY ( he said, "i am offering 50% discount on the DS right now", to which i quickly replied, "i'll take it"...and we both laughed:laugh:) and very knowledgeable. He knew about PCOS (I have this) and how my full hysterectomy could be affecting my weight now; he also briefly mentioned about having to adjust my common channel differently than most due to my hysterectomy. So after this "pre-initial" consult, he then transferred me to Kristina for more info and pricing. So now, I am considering Dr. K but I now need opinions for Delano Regional Med Ctr since this is where he does surgery for his self-pay patients due to cost effectiveness. I've read some negative reviews about the quality of care there at Delano, so I am concerned about that. I also have to factor in my costs for staying there two weeks. I want to thank all of you who have responded to this thread... had I not found this site, I would have stuck with my own opinion from the disciplinary order I read online - THANK YOU ALL!!
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    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    When I come across something that has negative reviews I look at how old they are and what was the issue. And remember, more people write negative reviews than positive ones.

    harrietvane Well-Known Member

    You're never going to find a doctor or facility with universally good reviews. Look at how many reviews there are, the specifics of any complaints and the age.

    I haven't had any experience with this facility, but try to balance caution with freaking yourself out unnecessarily ;)
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    GrammyLuLu Well-Known Member

    mjctexas I looked at Dr K also and came across the same info. The reason I went with another surgeon is due to the distance between Dr K's office and the medical center. After reading all the info about Dr K's issue it just really made a lot of sense to me that part of the issue was the distance. Another reason, is the requirement to stay for 2 weeks I just didn't want to be away from home that long. Ultimately you have to make the best decision for you.

    DSRIGGS Yes, that is chocolate covered bacon

    I have a friend who just had surgery there with Dr K, because it is cheaper for Dr K patients to have surgery there because Delano doesn't charge as much as Verdugo Hills and way less than Huntington. He was doing all self pays at VH because it was much cheaper than Huntington but I think my friend convinced him to do his procedure at Delano for cost. He said it was great for him.
    Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member

    I had my DS at Delano. Keep in mind that he can't be two places at once and that he DOES have back-up there, but ask about it anyway.

    Delano is an old, regional hospital in a low-income area north of Bakersfield. Majority of residents are Latino and work in the fields, which brings with it a nice bonus. We (I'm 1/2 Latina) tend to accompany family to the hospital and stay with them...as opposed to my other side of tbe family, where we drop them off and visit now and then.

    Many, but not all rooms at Delano have a single hospital bed and a built-in Murphy Bed for your family member. They were so accommodating that the hospital pharmacy stored my husband's medication that required refrigeration. The cafeteria is tiny and not very elegant, but staff eats there and survives.

    Keshishian knows of a company that will (or did) deliver a recliner to your hotel room for your recovery time. I found a home health care company that was willing to send someone for as little as two hours a day (once in a while) to do stuff--help with shower, do laundry, go next door to Denny's and pick up an order of soft-boiled eggs if I desired. Even across the way to the TacoBell or whatever to pick up an order of pintos and cheese. (I could eat a whole two teaspoons of that by the time we left.) Turned out I didn't need the home health care people.

    You will get good treatment there, as Keshishian...when his entire practice was next door...generated a lot of income for that facility and the staff knew exactly what he wanted.

    The one off-putting thing was seeing all the cops on one of the hallways. Turned out that the local jail/prison also contracts (contracted) with the facility for inmates in need of hospitalization.

    Caveat-->>>my experience there was over a dozen years ago.
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    DSRIGGS Yes, that is chocolate covered bacon

    Good information Sue. My friend BTW, who came from South Korea said he was expecting a dirty and overall not very good facility. He said he was pleasantly surprised saying it was one of the cleanest facilities with great nurses and staff that he has been around......medical care was great and the people were even better. He said it saved him a lot of money and that he would recommend it to anyone.

    As far as hospitals go, well I have been in or visited people in way too many hospitals. I have had all but one of my surgeries with Dr K at Verdugo Hills and the last one at Huntington. So many people raved about Huntington and acted like VH was sub par. They both had great staffs/nurses, both had private rooms and both were very clean. VH is smaller and the cafeteria doesn't have great hours and the selection is limited, but it is much easier to get around with easy free parking. You literally park within 150 feet at most of the entrance. Parking at Huntington sucks because it is expensive and confusing leaving your spouse or whomever is visiting you trying to find a spot and then get to the towers and the room. The cafeteria was good with many options and I think open almost always. To me it was a nice hospital but not any nicer or better than VH. The ER being the exception as it is far superior and up to date as compared to VH, so if I was in the are and needed ER care it wold be Huntington. If I needed surgery or other admission it would be whatever dates worked best, and I think my wife liked VH better as it is so much easier to get to with plenty of good restaurants very close by that are also easy to get to. Delano I have not been to and I don't know what else is in that region without having to go to the Bay area or down to Glendale/Pasadena, but again my friend said he thought it was great and I trust him so I would not be leery of it at all.

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