OMG, my hair is falling out!


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it is totally amazing! seems like it should be, I mean we see actors and actresses change their total look, we know it can be done, but it is still amazing!


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@southernlady thank you for posting this topic. I haven't had surgery yet and back when my sister had RNY (in the 80's), her hair did thin. Her hair was never thick and full though, so it did not seem like such an issue back then. More important was that she was reducing her weight (over 500lbs). I remember thinking she was so incredibly fearless and brave for undergoing surgery. Back then it was not as common and it was not LAP. She went through a hard recovery. These days her hair is again thinning--eyebrows and lashes too--but it is due in part (I think) because she has never ever taken her supplements. She refuses to listen to reason on this and she needs a hip replacement now because both hips are deteriorating.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because her experiences and her non-compliance are kind of top-of-mind for me. Part of the process that worries me the most is the whole hair loss thing, which I know is superficial and probably silly to fret over, but I *am* worried about it. It's good to know that there are some precautions that I can take pre-surgery and that I can help things along by being regimented in making sure I pay attention to getting at least 90 grams of protein a day. I may still lose my hair but if it's the price of being healthier, I can live with that and I'll find work-arounds. Not sure about wigs though lol.


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Been awhile since we’ve updated this topic. I do reference it every time someone on FB gets the hebee jebees over post op hair loss and all the ways suggested to fix it.

Thanks to my recent surgery, I know I’m on track for another round and consider how thin mine was going into my surgery, mine may turn into non existent. I suspect tho that by the time I hit the worst, I might be shaving mine off for the DBS for my essential tremors.