Mechanical soft/puree/fork tender portion of diet


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Hiya, all. I hope this is in the right forum.

My revision to the DS was a week ago and I'll be seeing my surgeon tomorrow for my 1 week follow up. Because he didn't mess with my sleeve during surgery, we only did 1 day of clear liquids in the hospital and moved right to full liquids.

I should be moved to the mechanical soft/fork tender diet tomorrow. When I did this as a sleeve patient I mostly cooked meat (chicken most often) and then blended it in my food processor with a little chicken stock to make it a puree consistency. I'd mash veggies with a fork and call it a day.

I'm not looking for recipes per se, but was wondering if anyone had ideas for a shopping list? Because of higher fat meats being okay now, should I branch out with more than chicken?

Anyone have any words of wisdom?



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Well, my go to when I got to solid foods was fresh mozzarella with oil and vinegar. I also ate a lot of shrimp salad. Hope this helps.


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Yes, go for fattier meats and full fat cheeses. Without the extra fat you will have trouble pooping and your skin will get dry. (Your sleeve was more agreeable than mine as I couldn't eat chicken for nearly a year and then only chicken thighs.)

Wendy's Chili. That was my first real food after greek yogurt, cottage cheese. I loved that chili, even though a small container would last me a week. Before I was able to eat the chili I smeared refried beans in a skillet and sprinkled with shredded cheddar. (But my new sleeve was still irritable.)

Heavy cream, too. Costco lobster bisque.

Mashed veggies: I vote no. Veggies can give your chopped up bowels painful gas and/or diarrhea especially early on. Stick to proteins and introduce veggies later after bowels are fully healed, then one by one to see what may bother you. Same for carbs. I can eat rice but not pasta. Crackers but only some breads. We are all so different, though, so you'll have to discover what works for you.


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Chicken of any kind was too dry early on, even with a boatload of mayo.

My go to very early on was tuna with mayo.

Basically if you can cut it with a fork, it's soft enough esp after you chew it. Shrimp is a good early soft food.
I made my own chili. Can't stand Wendy's chili but that may have to do with working there long ago.


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Thank you all so much! I have a good list to start with and I'll be doing the "try it and see..." thing starting with fattier meats. I'll most likely skip veggies for at least a few weeks as suggested. :)

Oh yes, my sleeve is/was VERY agreeable. It really was a bust as a plain old sleeve, but my DS surgeon believes it's going to be just what I need to allow nutrition for the DS. I was able to eat pretty much anything and never had any restriction after I fully healed. I had to rely on just measuring food and stopping myself with willpower. It's a wonder I lost a thing.

Thank you all again!


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Wendy's Chili. That was my first real food after greek yogurt, cottage cheese. I loved that chili, even though a small container would last me a week.
Projective vomiting on chili over here. I did not tolerate that until much later. We are all so different.