Low Carb Cheezits (aka cheese crisps)

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Susan in Tennessee, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Susan in Tennessee

    Susan in Tennessee Well-Known Member

    The recipe I saw called for Deli Deluxe Kraft cheese slices. I was at Aldi and found a package that were called Deluxe cheese slices so I figured they were a knock-off of the Kraft brand and thought I'd try them.

    You take one slice and cut it into 16 squares, just lay on the cutting board and cut in half with a knife both ways, then each half in half, etc. I sprinkled my cheese with some seasoning salt at this point, I liked the color on it too :) You DO need parchment paper. I have been told that anything will not work, not foil with oil on it, not sprayed cookie sheet and certainly NOT wax paper! LOL I cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the plate then I arranged the little cheese squares around the outter edge of a regular full sized paper plate, not hanging off the plate but not in the middle of the plate. The 16 squares fit nicely around the plate with enough room between to let them puff and expand a bit, which they do. Silly me thought, oh, these are way too small so I made a slice cutting in fewer squares but I didn't like the way they turned out as well, so back to following directions. The time it takes to cook varies from microwave to microwave. We currently have a rather small one, and not super powerful, so I played around and in it I ended up zapping them for about 45-50 seconds. If you aren't sure about the strength of your microwave I might suggest starting out with lower time, maybe 30 seconds and you can always add more to get the doneness you want. You don't want them to get too much brown but a little is good. They will get crispy. I can attest to the fact that they are EXCELLENT vehicles for getting yummy quacamole into one's mouth! I stored what I didn't eat in a plastic bowl and they are still good today.
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  2. southernlady

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    I've seen a similar recipe using the deli slices from a deli.

    I'm lazy...I get mine pre-made from Costco...called Whisps.
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  3. BebeZed

    BebeZed Well-Known Member

    I just throw mounds of shredded cheese (cheddar, mexican blend, parmesan - whatever I happen to grab) on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and add spices if I'm feeling adventurous, then bake it for about 8 minutes or so at 350F. Sometimes I don't bother to mound it - I just spread it across the parchment paper and cut it when it comes out of the oven. Good stuff! I've also heard that a silicon baking mat works well instead of the parchment paper but I've yet to try this.

    IDK why but I seem to have a pronounced dislike for the microwave now that I can't have my hot pockets or nuked cup noodles ;) I suspect that I'll get over it once the weather warms up and running the oven isn't such a great thing...
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  4. duh_Mom

    duh_Mom Well-Known Member

    thanks ladies! will be trying this tonight...
  5. Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member

    Now that I have a BRAND NEW STOVE, paid for by my Home Warranty policy, I may bake up some "regular" crisps. OTOH, they also paid for a new microwave, so I have OPTIONS!!!

    And I pocketed $270 in cash because that's how we roll here at the House of Bargain Shoppers.

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  6. bearmom

    bearmom Well-Known Member

    I second the lazy costco method, although my costco carries a different variety than the ones Southernlady mentioned. I found some from Fresh Gourmet called Parmesan Cheese Crisps, and they are airy and crisp.

    Parmesan cheese is the only ingredient, and I wish I knew how they got them airy like this.
  7. Susan in Tennessee

    Susan in Tennessee Well-Known Member

    I'm going to try this oven method next. I don't have one of the silicon baking mats, on my want list. Nice to have options! I like idea of making more at once.

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