Looking for attorney advise


Hi i just learned i have had inproper non consent sugery from 2016, utah physicians have hid it from me lied and helping surgeon from misconduct. I live in utah have others seeking advise need attorney if any one knows. Please message! Thanks blessed!


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Hi and welcome Blessed! I'm sorry to hear that you had a surgery for which you didn't consent. Do you have a copy of the original surgical report and other paperwork from the hospital?


Yes it's the god forsaken hospital the doctor who does and still does human gunea pig trial non consent. What a nightmare. Utah physicians are lying to protect the idiot surgeon who thinks he is god and can do no wrong.


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Your best bet is to start with the Dept of Medical Licensing Board in Utah. Contact them and find out who to report this to.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t residents of Utah and don’t know attorneys there. Looking them up in google would be the best we could do.

I’m sorry you had this experience. I do know you will need a copy of your written consent as well as your operative report. Depending on which insurance company was involved, getting them involved may be your best route. However there was one insurance company in Utah totally onboard with his surgery.


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Good luck. It is extremely difficult to find a physician who will go after an incompetent one. In my 30 plus years in health-care, I saw it once. I'm convinced the doctors who pushed for his removal from the physician staff was because he was in a group that wanted to protect themselves. Even then, he didn't lose his license. He lost all hospital privileges and became a physician for the Navy.