Long-term Vets (5+ years) Gratitude Thread


Hi All. I tend to troll the boards but don't post anymore. I'm 5 years out and have been so happy. I have had lots of luck with absorbing vitamins naturally from food as well as pills and I feel really good--physically and mentally. I am a bit of a recluse and used to blame being fat for why I never wanted to leave the house. I remember always worrying about what I would wear or how I might get stared at...or ignored completely. Today, I still stay in quite a bit but losing the weight gave me the freedom to explore WHY I feel the need to stay in. I have stopped blaming everything on being fat and have learned to face life head on, doing my best to understand what barriers I feel or see before me. People still stare but now it's because they like what I'm wearing or because they notice how tiny I am (I get that a lot). Before losing weight I had no career and a very sheltered life. Today I hold a very important position in child protective services--it was like a rebirth once the weight was gone. I can play with my children and not get out of breath or feel embarrased. I do watch what I eat because that's just plain responsible, but I no longer worry that I'm going to gain weight to any great extent. The DS was the best decision I ever made. It feels like 5 years ago I just started living!

Stats: 5 ft 4, fluctuate between 118 and 120, size 0 in almost everything. Pre surgery was about 260. Surgery date was 12-5-2011 with Gary BelzbergView attachment 1260
Hello!! Not sure if you are on here anymore but just wanted to see how you are doing? You look great!! I am scheduled for DS surgery with Dr. Belzberg Nov.1!!! Would love to how everything is going for you and possible what length he used on your cooking channel I think it is?! Lol I’m still learning a lot about all of this:)


My inner child CRAVES chocolate!
Almost 4 years out - I am grateful for the freedom it has given me. A big thing is I have been able to wear "Boots". As a child, i wanted to wear boots so bad but was to fat and they wouldn't fit my calves. It broke my heart as I knew I was huge and not like the others. I have about 15 pairs of boots now and love to wear boots as much as I can! I can cross my legs. A goal with this surgery was to lose enough to cross my legs. It would make me feel so feminine to be able to cross my legs... that just made me feel thin and feminine. I was so grateful when the day came when I was able to cross my legs with ease. Some of these things may not mean that much to others but they are tied to deep seated emotions for me. They mean something to me. The surgery has been wonderful.... but... I took advantage of it... too much advantage and have gained back 10lbs and it has freaked me out! I picture myself back at my 'big' self. I am self-conscious to wear my boots. I will wear them with a dress or something to cover my legs more. I can cross my legs still but it doesn't feel like it use to. I am obsessed with the scale again. It is my fault... I just stayed the same weight for so long that I thought it was invincible, but it's not. I feel everyone can see the 10lbs. I don't feel comfortable in my size 12s, I lean now towards size 14. Sad. I have no one to blame but me. BUT, I have to be grateful that it got me HERE and it WORKS... I just have to do my part. I'm just angry at myself because all those feelings are coming back and I would have killed to be this size years ago.