Labs all jacked 10 years out and I need help! Also: hi!


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Hey there,

I came trying to decode some of my labs-- I have moved from the city where I got my surgery and I feel like my new doctors are super clueless honestly.
I am 10 years out from a DS.

I am wiped out an anemic- Any thoughts on where to go first on the boards? Off to hunt around!
Thank you!

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Hematologist, probably for iron infusions (I get Injectafer) for the anemia.

ALSO, make sure your hematologist LISTENS to you. Mine tunes in and out. He “gets” that he can’t “fix” my iron and I will need iron over and over.

Vitamin K is a different story. Had a bit of a battle this year when he was SURE his Rx would “fix” that. I was sure the fix would NOT last long enough for me to have surgery. Sadly, I was right and got sent home mid-hospital-admit, and he is SURPRISED, but a bit less sure of himself.

Cancer treatment places usually have LOADS of hematologists.
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