Labs 10/2/2018


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Saw a new PCP yesterday. Had gone over the week before with info about the DS. Yes, he gets it. And other than the C-Reactive Protein, he was very willing to pull everything else.

Had lab work this morning...some is already dribbling in on MyChart.

Calcium 10.2 range 8.4-10.5 (Highest it's been)
PTH 14 range 14-95 YES!!!!!!!!!!
No D result yet but based on those two it's probably fine :)
Total protein 7.9 range 6.3-8.2 Last time was 7.0
Ferritin 136 range 5-204
Iron Sat % is 23% range 15-40% Due to secondary RLS, already asking for iron infusions since my iron sat% is below 30.
Lipid panel Total Cholesterol is 189, HDL is 52 and that is wondermus.

Rest are not in yet.


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Good for you! My annual visit yesterday yielded non DS lab orders, as well as admonishments to start eating veggies and fruits because I am lacking certain macronutrients. Yet, when I asked which labs pointed to this, she said "there are no labs to check these."

As a side note, my hard-sought out new MD? Just moved in with the DO I left for misdiagnosing my anemia in 2012, when my ferritin was 9. She said it was inner ear crystals and gave me positional exercises. She also misdiagnosed my infected gallbladder for 15 years as gastritis.

I feel deflated.:cautious: