I've only lost HOW much!?

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    I was reading your suggestions on eating. I had a revision on 08/15/17. Before my surgery, I was eating very low carbs, fat & protein and lost 25 pounds. Since I had my surgery I lost the 25 pounds but I think that was more because of liquid but now it seems I am stalling. I was afraid to go back that way of eating but it was doctor monitored. I was wondering should I go back that way. I eat small 5 -6 meals a day. Only thing I have been focusing on was getting over 100 grams of protein in because that is what I have been told. The nutritionist says 60 - 80 but I have been getting about 100 or little over. Carbs has been low but not that low maybe a litter under 50 but my fat intake has been real low. My biggest issue is the bathroom and gas everyday.

    What do you eat daily and what are you goals for protein, carbs and fat.
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    What do I eat? Yesterday
    Breakfast: bacon, egg (scrambled in butter), and cheese on a slice of whole wheat toast (I like Healthnut brand bread, has protein). I left the crust because I was full.
    Morning snack: half a small container of plain full-fat yogurt with half a banana
    Lunch: burrito with leftover ribeye steak, refried beans, chopped tomato, salsa and cheese. About two-thirds of the standard size. (No rice) Guacamole ( a quarter cup, leftover) on the side. Ten or so Doritos.
    Afternoon snack: the rest of the burrito and a few more Doritos
    Dinner: half of a chicken breast in thai green curry and coconut milk sauce (the rest for lunch today). Two tablespoons of rice. Spinach and tomato salad (homemade full fat ranch dressing). Two glasses of white wine. Half a cup of strawberry haagendaz ice cream.
    Evening snack: half a peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread.

    For me, this is a maintenance diet. I’m not losing weight on it, but I am 13 years out. I don’t consciously count protein or carb grams, but I always have a portion of protein at each meal, fat at every meal, and a limited portion of carbs. Many of the meals are eaten over a half an hour or so. I am never hungry.

    I am the queen of leftovers and doggie bags. Most of the meals my husband eats would be 3 meals for me.
    If I was trying to lose weight, I’d cut out the ice cream, banana, the Doritos, wine, and one of the slices of bread, and up the fat a bit. But your DS might not be my DS, you may exercise more, you might be taller or younger. What works for one doesn’t work for all.

    It might help you to concentrate on limited portions. Meat the size of a deck of cards. Fat at every meal, but not in huge quantities to avoid bathroom symptoms. Carbs in a few tablespoons or a half a slice, but a little in each meal. Free consumption of veggies, one serving of fruit (or none). No soda, candy, juice, alcohol, sugar, etc. A long term DSer told me in the first year I should keep the stomach small, and not stretch it, by eating small meals more often. Stretching the stomach makes maintenance harder. I will always be grateful for that advice.
    I am dreading Halloween. All the candy will not be eaten by trick-or-treaters!
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    Love it....thankyou! I understand. I wasn't too sure about sausage and bacon but I do believe I need to get more protein and fat in. I am just so tired of the bathroom. I appreciate the advice.

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