I'll take the DS....thank you


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Thought this was interesting. More weight loss with the DS, but SADI seems to work to address co-mobities. I like being thin.

Hope everyone is good!

Hi and nice to hear from you! Thanks for sharing. What struck me was that the DS version they used for comparison was with a longer-than-typical 150 cm common channel. I guess they used that length to hold the alimentary length equal for comparison. I'd expect an even more favorable weight loss results for a standard issue full DS with a common channel determined vi Hess method or the standard 75/100 cookie cutter...


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I had the Sadi in 2014 and it's way underestimated. The most important thing is having a highly experienced surgeon but after that the Sadi is an outstanding option with benefits over the Hess DS or RNY. I lost every ounce of fat, and I really mean every last ounce (152 lbs). I gained back about about 25lbs I desperately needed and I'm now extremely lean with no fat and fit way beyond what a man my age should be capable of achieving. The Sadi was created as a procedure in 2008 and solves a number of issues related to nutrition deficiencies, lower surgery risks, fewer vitamins, etc. It's also a common misperception that a longer common channel means less weight loss. It doesn't. Sadi weight loss supported by the work of a highly experienced surgeon is as good as it gets.