I wonder if that was covid-19...

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Almost ten-year-old had “cold.” She crawled up on me and we cuddled and watched tv.

A few days later, I had all the symptoms of both COVID-19 and “regular flu.” (And I had accidentally received TWO flu vaccines.) It’s been a couple of weeks, and now MrSue is becoming symptomatic.

Since many people have minor symptoms and recover—and I felt too damn exhausted to go to the doctor and sit in a room with sick people—how will we know WHICH virus we survived?
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Better...but not yet “well.” Tire easily, nap often. But not going downhill.

And so glad about the Teepa Snow presentation. Will you be attending?
I have blocked the date (April 27) to attend as my mom's plus one. :) Glad you are feeling a bit better. I'm pretty darn anemic right now so definitely understand the tiredness. I scheduled an infusion on Friday and can barely wait.


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I’m stuck in Seattle trying to get COVID-19 testing before I get on an airplane and fly back to care for my Dad. I qualify for testing but every medical center is out of tests. I feel like crap but not too too bad. I’m so scared to expose my Dad to anything as males and older people are the most vulnerable, but my sister needs help too; I’ve been gone for 5 weeks and she has mental health issues, which is also why I need to get there ASAP. Thank god taxes have been pushed out as I need to do my own plus my Dad’s and his tax stuff is all at his house. Crazy days!