I think I saved a life <3


Taking a long scenic route!
So one of my long time bestest friends ever had a band early 2000's, then a sleeve and is now seeking the DS. I guided him towards Dr K but unfortunately his insurance was not accepted so he started looking at MX. He had found a surgeon and thankfully ran it by me...omg...NO! This guy does ok at sleeves, but only has one review of a 'DS' and the person is miserable. At my insistence my bff took my constant nagging and did some digging. Praise the DS lord that he found Dr Ungson.

I am so relieved!!! I remember how desperate I was to have the DS and when you are that keen to change your life, it is difficult to listen to reason. I am so happy he heeded my warnings as I was terrified I'd lose him to some butcher. When I nagged yet again about his surgeon, he said he had a date with Dr Ungson I was like YESSS!!!! I've heard of that DS surgeon! He's good! You will live! I love you <3 haha.

Trying to sway people on the internet of good choices seems to pale in comparison of trying to talk sense into one of you longest, most cherished friends who is desperate to have the DS. He listened. Thank god, he listened <3

(If you read this, love you Lucas!)


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Great job, Roo! Yes, when someone is desperate, they will do just about anything.
Now, for your next trick, see if you can get Lucas to join us here. Lots of good info for him here, and other patients of Dr. Ungson as well.
Hey Lucas, if you are reading this, great decision and best of luck to you with your DS.