I had Weight Loss Surgery Friday

Last Friday I had weight loss surgery, I had somewhat a restless night after surgery so I'm little bit Tired. My pain is bearable when I'm in different positions i have different levels of comfort, my thoart is sore, swollen and dry but small sips of water is help me. My diet is drink clear liquid like broth,Unsweetened juice , and sugar free jello. Also I was surprise I was not hungry, I'm just dehydrated and thirsty.My mental stage was full of a variety of emotions I just undergone a complete change in my life forever, and Food has always been a lifelong friend, a companion, a stress reliever, and my addiction.I still ask myself "Did I do the right thing" or "What did I do to myself?" I will keep you post on how I'm doing with my surgery


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I still ask myself "Did I do the right thing" or "What did I do to myself?"
that sounds completely normal. all the changes are hard but the main thing that helps is time. expect it to take a lot of TIME to adjust.

don't worry about food at all, just push liquids. I assume you are at home? you should be keeping track of how much liquid you are getting.


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Congratulations! Every day should get a bit better from here. Please stay hydrated. Once you are on to solid foods avoid carbs and focus on protein, to maximize your weight loss during the window of opportunity.


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Welcome to post op. Please stay hydrated and walk as much as you can. A bit of buyer’s remorse is normal.