I’ve decided to not trust this woman.

Spiky Bugger

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Would YOU trust a CHEF who looks to be starving? To ME, she looks like she hasn’t even TASTED what she’s cooking…ever.



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My first two thoughts were
A. she's anorexic and
2. she some other kind of sick

but I suppose she could just be naturally very slender?


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I once had a co-worker who looked very much like this*, I guess, and she was healthy. same place had another woman who was very short.

the company decided all the therapists needed to dress alike (khaki pants and a company polo** you had to buy) and these two women were very upset because they both had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to put together a work wardrobe that looked professional and knew it would not be easy to start over and get things that fit.

anyway, they both said people (and not just those with dementia) were constantly remarking on their appearance ("you need to eat more" for the slender one) and they were extremely tired of it.

* it's so hard to tell from just one photo

** I hate polos because they look good only on someone with buff arms