Home Delivered Meals/Meal Kits (“half-fast” review-ish)

Spiky Bugger

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Cooked the last one tonight. Chicken fajitas. Don't buy this one Spiky! So much slicing, dicing, and prep. Took forever to end up with 6 taco size fajitas. They should have just included salsa as a seasoning. Way too much work! And a sink full of dishes as well. This one was probably my least favorite. Jeff agrees with me and if we were going to do it over we would use steak instead of chicken. But we both liked the fresh jalapeno pepper so I learned that Jeff doesn't dislike spicy at all. He just doesn't like burning hot.

If I had to make this again, I would do all the slicing and dicing much earlier in the day and make the pico and the lime crema hours in advance. Give the flavor more time to develop.

So the experiment ends. We both enjoyed it and it was nice to try some different 'normal carb' meals. I will keep an eye out for some coupons and try another service down the road. Probably after the Holidays. Back to no carbs tomorrow!
Well, I hope you got your $11’s worth!


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I canceled the HomeChef service but keep buying the meals at the store. What I save with that is the decisions and the shopping. They don’t save me time beyond that. I do find some of them inefficient in terms of how they are cooked but doing it differently means more dishes usually (simultaneous cooking) which doesn’t bother me usually I just feel like their recipes are written poorly.

tonight is chicken bordelaise sauce and asparagus with Parmesan potatoes.