High failure rate of the laparoscopic-adjustable gastric band as a primary bariatric procedure


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Wasn't this already posted?
Similar but no, This study finds that the LAGB failed as a primary bariatric procedure for 44% of patients because of either inadequate weight loss or adequate weight loss with unmanageable symptoms. This suggests that the LAGB should be abandoned as a primary bariatric procedure for the majority of morbidly obese patients because of its high failure rate.
The other one just states that your GOING TO NEED A REVISION after a failed band ;)

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Starting in 2003, I tried to tell people lots of the stuff in current research. I was declared:
--to be non-compliant;
--to be imagining things;
--to be in need of education on living with the band;
--to perhaps have psych problems keeping me from experiencing success;
--to be a Negative Nellie AND a Debbie Downer;
--to be a bad influence on others;
--and more.

Since popularity was never a huge goal for me...I much prefer just saying whatever the hell
I want to say...I just kept complaining, including mentioning that the band was, essentially, a piece of shit.

Finally, in 2005, I was not only diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility secondary to the band, but the entire episode was captured on video and witnessed by two very surprised MDs and my husband who was smirking and muttering, "That's EXACTLY what she SAID it felt like." (I had a nervous MD wondering if the barium swallow then located in my esophagus was just going to sit there forever.)

The FUCKING LapBand is, in my experience (I think they call that a disclaimer) a health hazard and capable of causing tremendous physical damage...all the while the patient is subjected to derision and ridicule by alleged health care professionals who don't need to lose future sales of the piece of shit.

At this point, band patients are as likely (or quite nearly as likely) (another disclaimer) to have a second surgery to remove the band as they are to keep it.

Amazingly...my bad attitude about weight loss, my psych problems re weight loss, my non-compliance, and my imaginary problems ALL disappeared when the band was removed.

I'm still Debbie Downer and Negative Nellie and I TRY to be a bad influence on people, but those are all little pieces of who I am.
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