Hey Everyone! 12 years out and weight gain


Hello Everyone! I use to hang out on obesityhelp about 12 years ago, when I had my DS. I am now experiencing weight gain. This was from too many french fries and cake.
I am now trying to lose that weight, but I have no idea of what macro's to use this far out. Can anyone help me, please?


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Welcome Laelle
Glad you joined us.

Best way to ditch the excess lbs is to back to basics.
Protein, about 100-120 grams or more if your protein lab is below 7
Fat, apply liberally, nothing fat free or low fat. Average 100-150 grams or get to where you have the best DS poop….formed but soft, resembling soft serve ice cream
Carbs, limit, between 30-50 total.


Got it! Thank you!
I am sure that my iron is low. Its been about 2 years since I had an iron infusion. I moved back to France, and am struggling to get my insurance fixed so that I can go get my labs done. France doesnt do anything quickly or easily. My labs will suck. Eventually it will all work out, or so I have to believe. My surgeon did give me the name of someone who just started selling bariatric vitamins in France. I will give her a call monday.


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Hi Tina. Glad you made it over from OH. I think Southernlady & I kind of have the same thoughts on what to eat and drink. I’m sure others will join in as well.


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I was just checking on something. You mentioned vitamins. Many years ago I remember being told about a co in the Netherlands that sold vitamins in Europe for diff WLS including the DS. I had a couple of UK friends who used them. I think it’s called Fitforme. I can’t vouch for them as the last post I know of mentioning them is from 2013 but it might be worth a look.

I also know many in the UK used Forceval as part of their routine.
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Hi Laelle, I've found that Amazon and iHerb are still pretty good for getting the right doses (I'm in Italy). I'll take a look at Fitforme too now, though!


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Re french food...

Any steak signon avec frites or petite pois chased by a quart de vin rouge ordinaire is divine... that or a country ham sandwich on a baguette with a beer at the bar will also do...or how about a cafe and calva... don't get me started on the street side ham and cheese crepes at the end of rue des Ecoles... not to mention eating at cafes where the workers eat.. pigeon or rabbit in raisin sauce is my version of religious ecxstacy