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Hi All,
I am Zen1, a soon to be a traditional DS er, planning a revision hopefully in June 2021, from VSG I had in Nov 2011. I have selected a local So Cal, surgeon had a consult and scheduling all the necessary pre op specialist appointments to complete this month. I have several health issues at this time. Regain, insufficient loss in first 3 -6 years despite working the plan, diligently. GERD for the last five years, I have hypertension on two medications x2 per day ,antacid rx daily, Arthritis in my feet changing my life so I can no longer hike very far or walk much for exercise. I do cycle, and will do more of it.
My goals are to eliminate the Hypertension for sure, GERD if possible, and have less poundage on my feet. I will do anything to avoid mid foot fusion surgery on my feet and cant wait to get back to good health.
I work full time like many of you, and have been helping my husband who's had four spine surgeries in the last 18 months, he's in the home stretch with those, and will rehab as much as he can to regain his formerly active lifestyle.
I don't blame the pandemic or anyone but myself for not maintaining the weight I did lose post VSG. I am excited for the second chance and hopes that it will take me to a normal bmi.

I would like to ask if there are any DS'ers here is living abroad in Costa Rica, as I am wondering how I will get all my vitamins, supplements required when we move there as I have been told on expat groups that getting packages isn't going to happen there no Amazon deliveries. Worst come to worst I will take suitcases of vitamins with me and come back before running out every so many months.

I'm here to learn from the experienced DS veterans, and know there are come commonalities and individual differences. I have also seen some things have changed since 2011 -2016 when I was active in forums, yt etc. There have been new products and offerings introduced in the supplements we consume, and I plan to research and continue my due diligence. Thanks in advance for sharing your support and comradery. Oh, and I am normally not this wordy.
Cheers, Z


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Welcome. I would also be keen to know how you can plan to get your vits delivered reliably. I’ve listed overseas and got my mail through the diplomatic pouch system, which took awhile depending on various factors.


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Welcome and nice to meet you! I would probably have a friend or relative buy my vites/etc and ship them to me. I did this for several years for a DS friend in Australia. A care package sort of. As time goes on you will get better at managing your DS and knowing what you need. You will also know more about what is and isn't available locally.