Hello from Scranton, PA

Lisa Gemmel

My heart wrestles in a kilt <3
Hi, my name is Lisa. I'm back to this site after a long while away. Many things changed. I left Scranton for Florida, where I lived for a year helping to take care of a disabled relative. I moved back home to Scranton for good. Left with two cats, came back home with three cats, a man and a love for the Tampa Bay Lightning.
I need help getting back on track in taking care of myself. I just never feel good. I always feel blah. I don't know if it is DS related (no weight gain, taking every vitamin I'm supposed to be), if there is something medically going on, or if this is just normal aging.
I recently acquired medical insurance, and I am in the process of trying to get an appointment for a full physical. I need a full set of bloodwork done. I feel good about going back to my former physician that I have here in Scranton because within the past two years or so, the practice has opened a Bariatric Service Center. Both offices are affiliated with the hospital I used to work for, which in about two weeks I'm going to be rehired! Hooray!
Looking forward to the support I can get and the support I can give.


First time at the rodeo.
Hi and welcome back Lisa Gemmel ! :) Seems like a rough time of year to move back to PA from FL. Are you able to share your last set of nutritional labs here - maybe the vitamins need an adjustment? Are you keeping up with your protein? I only ask because six years out, this is an area where I've become too lax myself.

Lisa Gemmel

My heart wrestles in a kilt <3
Hi! I faithfully take my vitamins and supplements daily. And I think I do pretty good with protein, if with nothing else than cheese. I eat it all day long! I haven't had labs done in about two years. I just got medical insurance and will be going back to the practice I saw when I lived here before. That was the reason I hadn't gotten bloodwork done, no insurance and it's so expensive. They have a Bariatric Unit associated there now, which is a good thing. If I had to, I could go and see my previous surgeon. He's a two and a half hour drive away - we lived in that area when I had my surgery. I think it will be easier having all of my records in one place. I need to do that with my cats. The five of them have three different vets. Crazy.
I see your surgery was done in NOLA - I've been there twice in the past four and a half years, for WrestleMania. Had a blast!