Gastro-Intestinal issues with VSG...


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Back in March I had a bout with gastrointestinal issues. I didn't have heartburn or reflux, but started having stomach upset, bloating and diarrhea. Then I would have loose stools for days. I was in charge of hosting one of our best friend's 40th birthday party and it was stressful!! It was hard to tell if it was stress or something else causing the intestinal issues.
But during this time I would have some stomach/reflux issues, like food seeming to back up in my stomach (hard to describe actually).

Because I was having issues I started taking a probiotic every day 2-3 times a day. After a couple of weeks with still having stomach issues, my trainer told me about digestive enzymes, so I started taking them after meals. That helped a lot, but until the party was over things were better but not 100%. So, I switched my PPI to Nexium, 1x day in the morning before I eat or drink anything. I could tell a huge, positive difference when I did that. I was taking 2 Prilosec previous to that. Eventually things improved greatly and I seemed back to my old self.

So....the past week the tummy issues have returned...

I started taking the probiotics and enzymes again this week, but I have mainly been having loose stools. I have also been having some throat issues, it doesn't feel like food is backing up, per se, but tonight when I was eating dinner I started choking on my meat, coughing after that. When I was drinking a coke (bad, I know) earlier in the afternoon, it actually foamed back up into my throat. I haven't had the foams since my lap, I gather my esophagus is irritated. It has felt like this before.

Obviously, I need to make an appointment with my PCP and possibly get an endoscopy. But, has anyone else experienced anything like this??

When you take your PPI in the morning, do you wait 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything? I wait and drink my coffee after I take the PPI, but I don't usually wait 30 minutes and I wonder if that would be better.


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I've not had any issues similar to that, past the occasional GI illness (viral.. I used to work with kiddos, and they can be intestinal illness vectors!!)

Def get checked out by your doc to see what may be going on..

As far as the PPI, which I have been on for a couple decades now, same dose pre-op as post-op, 10mg omez (Prilosec) in the am, and 10mg in the pm.. I take it 20-30 mins before I eat, if I remember.. sometimes I don't and I just take it whenever.. I do sip my coffee/water after I take it, just usually try to wait about 20mins to eat anything.

Hope it gets figured out for you!