Financing Bariatric surgery

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Anyone give any sort of medical loans with really great interest rates?
I don’t know of any, but...I will now rudely assume that you are at the beginning of this journey and may not have considered that:

•if you do have medical insurance but it is not on board with bariatric surgery, it also may NOT cover anything they can claim is related to bariatric surgery. We have seen insurances not cover any post-op complications and even blood tests related to absorption post-bariatric surgery...especially if your post-op care provider codes the procedures as related to surgery.
•if your budget is somewhat “challenged,” you‘ll want to ask around about how much we spend on supplementation. (I don’t pay attention, so I’m clueless.) The numbers are all over the place because every body does its own thing, but for some of us, SOME nutritional supplements are absolutely necessary and can be quite costly. And we have seen people try to get by without needed supplementation and end up in the hospital...also not covered, because it was all related to surgery.

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My insurance won’t pay any if it. I’m aware of the supplement fees. I had RNY in 2008. I’m trying to find the best avenue to pay for the surgery. I’ve been researching this procedure for about 4 years now. I have 2 upcoming consults with 2 physicians. Working on narrowing this down and getting it done.