Fighting RNY Regain - want to join me?


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I am 12 years out from RNY with about a 65 pound regain (current weight 245 -BMI 42). Initially I considered revision to DS, but have decided to try to see what I could do to get on tract with using the RNY and fight this regain. I'm posting here for support and accountability. Does anyone want to join me in this journey to get off some of the weight we regained?

For the past 2 weeks I have been tracking my food and exercise on (it is free) and found it was an eye opening experience. I was not eating as much protein as I thought and eating far too much sodium.

My goal is very modest and includes tracking my eating (write it all down regardless of how much I ate) and work toward improving my eating habits by getting enough protein, reducing sodium and carbs. That is all. I refuse to diet! I will, however, work toward healthy eating habits and eating less and exercising more. I still need to exercise consistently, but this is a work in progress.

Anyone want to join me?


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Good luck to you, I hope it goes well. As I am a DSr, I follow an Atkins type diet. We do have a weekly weigh-in on Sunday if you would like to participate in that, you are welcome.