DS and oral Antibiotics issues


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hey y'all. So I've had a sinus infection now for a few months. My doctor first prescribed a course of Amoxicillin for 10 days. Did no good, so she then ordered a 10 day course of Bactrim. Still no relief so she sent me for a CT Scan. CT shows chronic sinus infection and a polyp I'm told ? So. Next step is she just ordered 30 days of Augmentum. I'm getting frustrated but I was wondering if any DSers have had absorption issues with oral antibiotics? I haven't taken antibiotics since my surgery but it makes sense that we may have absorption issues with most drugs. Anyone had drug absorption issues?


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I have not had to have any antibiotics since my DS, but as a nurse who worked in infection prevention- I can say that many bacterial infections (especially sinus related) can be pretty tough to treat sometimes. Make sure you're in good shape with your wellness, so you can fight this thing. It takes a bit to figure out what will work and we are in an environment of antibiotic resistance. Keep talking with your docs and don't be afraid to talk to an infectious disease specialist if you can?


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Augmentin is penicillin with clavulonic (sp) acid, which helps it work better. Its highly caustic. You most certainly will get diarrhea. Take a good probiotic with it, like Florastor.

Also, sinuses are where root tips are. Make sure its not an infected tooth.