Dr. Lopez, ALO Bariatrics

This is my first time ever posting on any forum. I'm a 50yo female who is having surgery in November. I have to be honest in that never in a million years did I ever think of having GB. I always worried over my weight and was always right on the line of normal/overweight. About 15 years ago I lost about 35-40 lbs and was a 2-4. I'm now a 16. I gained a husband and about 40lbs in one year and every year added 5-10 more. I've tried every diet known to man, prescription drugs and have been seeing a personal trainer since Jan '17 to no avail. I've seen internist and endocrinologist to see why I can't lose weight and finally figured out that my body has been hoarding my fat. I did not want to wait 6 mths to jump through insurance hoops and worry about not losing weight, but not gaining either. I'm having surgery with Dr. Alejandro Lopez at Vida Hospital in Tijuana. Has anyone had surgery there and what was your experience? I'm having bypass bc of reflux. Any information would be so great! Thanks!


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I had reflux pre-op and still have it. But I got the DS for other reasons. A friend of mine did have the RNY (gastric bypass) and her reflux is worse. She’s over 7 years out. While WLS puts many issues in remission, none of them are 100%.