Dr. Jorge Maytorena, Mexicali

Dr. Maytorena is a Graduate from the UABC Faculty Medicine at Mexicali, Baja California Mexico. He is a General, Gastrointestinal, Bariatric and Trauma Surgeon. How did I find him? I contacted a medical tourism company, to ask for some package details, prices and so on. I'm from US, but travelling to Mexico was the best decision I could ever made. Here's why: Dr. Maytorena is one of the best bariatric surgeons. I had gastric sleeve and he was my friend in whole process, giving advice, permanent support, patience to all my questions.I could easily understand what's the process of gastric sleeve and if in the beginning I was scared like hell, after 3-4 days I was relaxed. The surgery was a success, it happened 2 years ago. I feel really good wih my weight now, without any complications. That's to say thank you to the medical tourism company for your support, interest and patience to find me an affordable treatment and thank you Dr. Maytorena for your proffesionalism and your kindness.

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It's great you had such a good experience but we've found that Medical Tourism companies are not needed. We have many vets here who have gone out of country without such help and found the experience very easy and comfortable.


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What @chevtow said. Yes, he has just as much right to post about his personal experience as anyone else, but this really does have that shill feel to it, and medical tourism companies are definitely not needed for bariatric surgery in Mexico. The bulk of the practices of these surgeons comes from the USA and Canada, and their office staffs are more than able to walk patients through the process and help you to arrange everything yourself.


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Okay, I'm late to this party. And truth be told I dunno what an " shill" is. It might be my strong Irish green streak. That first post to me sounds like a crock of shit. A thinly veiled attempt at self promotion at best.


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    an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.


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@johndean it looks like you were previously interested in the DS, can you tell us why you chose a VSG instead?

also, I went to Mexico on my own and had surgery: no need for a medical tourism company at all.