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Just finished a brisk 2 1/4 mile walk. I developed an issue some time around where I first hit 300 where my left arm and hand swell and become numb when I walk for an extended distance (usually sneaks up on me between half a mile and a mile). I had a stress test when it first happened, heart checked out, doc's answer is a shrug, my best guess is a lymph issue. Something else I hope to say goodbye to.
I was rereading the thread, the left arm going numb diminished a couple months post op and has vanished entirely in the last couple months. Pretty sure it's entirely from weight loss. Belated NSV!


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Follies and mishaps:
Ran out of Fair Life milk, so I just used heavy whipping cream to mix with my protein powder. Wound up with something like cake frosting. Mixed in a premier protein shake just to get it to a liquid state so I could add it to my coffee. I've used straight heavy whipping cream before and had it come out thick but never in a semisolid form. I'm assuming I must have run the blender too long?
In the continual struggle with constipation have once again cut out calcium. Ran low on DHC Iron so I picked up some Proferrin. I was taking DHC 4 times a day (was trending toward anemia on 2x daily). Right now I'm taking a Proferrin in the morning, a DHC in the evening, and 3 Beef spleen tablets spread throughout the day which should be the same total amount of iron if not a bit more. I haven't changed my diet that I've noticed but I seem to be running hard and slow so to speak. My best guess is the Proferrin is gumming things up. I already have it synched up with breakfast which is my fat bomb meal (HWC in my coffee, eggs and bacon). I take some Mag Citrate right before bed so it can work its magic overnight but I'm not sure if I should move that to the same time as the proferrin or do something else to get things back in sync.


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If you have halfway decent insurance and you’re running to anemia, despite trying to juggle the timing of and endure the gut issues from oral iron, I would urge you to ask for a referral (or self refer) to a hematologist, and ask for iron infusions. Then you never have to deal with taking iron again.

Ask for a hematologist who is familiar with bariatric patients who don’t absorb oral iron, or who is willing to learn.

I’m pleased to have just found one in AZ - my last infusion was 4.5 years ago in CA, and I found a good one on my first try. Had one infusion of Injectofer on Tuesday, second and final one on Wednesday. I expect to last another 4 years from this one.

Complain bitterly about your gut issues from the iron, and how it makes it impossible to take the calcium you need without giving yourself an anal fissure.
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There is another kind of iron you can take, poly saccharide iron... a bit less expensive than proferrin.. but also does not compete with Calcium

I'll let the experts here speak to efficacy


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8 months
198.8 lbs

I was getting pretty irritated with the camera on my phone before I finally got a usable shot.

Favorite pair of Goodwill shorts is too big now. THey're 36s so I knew they'd have a short shelf life. Into the suitcase of misfit clothes...

The dam broke loose yesterday. Ate lots of fat to help things along. For now the plan is I'm taking Proferrin at the end of the day (the same time as my Mag Citrate), we'll give it a week and then adjust as needed.