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Forgot one body change that has the wife concerned. I have blood vessels sticking out now. Not varicose just they show up as a raised area on the skin. My hands and my shoulders are the biggest offenders. I have a lot of tendons and other "inside bits" sticking out now. I haven't been "skinny" in 30 odd years so I have no idea what's normal.
Depends. For me, it’s normal but then I saw it on other non-obese family members. Some of us are just blessed to have “ropey” veins which also do not roll. I’m a phlebotomist’s dream!


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7 months postop 206.0 pounds.

Weight loss is going well. In a perfect world it'd be a steady 2-3 pounds a week, in actuality I seem to go sideways for several weeks then drop pretty hard for a week or two then rinse and repeat. My scars are showing up more prominently now because they're puckering in now. Have gotten off pretty easily on loose skin. My armpits look like a wreck if I lift my arms and I have some skin piled at my waist but it's very mild for the amount of weight I've lost.
Struggling again with frequent bowel movements and hemorrhoids.