Does anyone have/remember the REALLY old…

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Protein Coffee Drink we liked from over at that OtHerPlace? I think I need to drink some protein.

It had coffee and chocolate and maybe cream?


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Click? < I see the website advertises it for weight loss. maybe you can have yours with added butter?

I never tried it, but remember reading about it.
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Not the old one but my fave is coffee, HWC, and Fairlife(chocolate). I make ice cream too but I use instant coffee, vanilla, and Fairlife. I make it in my Ninja Creami.


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I was obsessed with protein coffees for a long time, still am, honestly. I prefer mine hot.

Add a large scoop of chocolate protein to a few ounces of hot water* and shake in a shaker bottle.

Add your heavy cream to a mug (I do 1/2 cup) and “steam,” which for me is 70 seconds at 70% power. Add my coffee and the protein mix. I use an Aerolatté device to whiz everything together and froth it.

As it starts to cool off, I’ll add a bit of peppermint extract and it tastes like a peppermint mocha.

For iced, I use cold brew coffee (either made or purchased) along with a scoop of protein, water, and heavy cream. If I want extra flavor I’ll use some of the sugar-free syrups, I like caramel the best but irish cream, toffee, vanilla, or hazelnut is good.

* Not boiling, just tap hot. I also confirmed with some manufacturers that this does not damage the protein.


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Just curious, would a teaspoon or two of collagen do the same?. It's protein, and I find it dissolves easily even in cold coffee