Diabetes, not me


First time at the rodeo.
I'm so glad his blood sugars are improving and that he is up for tackling the list of appointments step-by-step from here. Wishing you both good health and much happiness ahead!


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Interesting - his fasting/before meal blood sugars have been going down slowly - ....
Don't have the results from the specialized tests yet, ..

Heard back from the vascular surgeon - ....

Neurologist doesn't think he had a stroke. ..
Tomorrow he sees the podiatrist....

He still hasn't even made an appointment with the prosthedontist...

He's scheduled for a Moh's procedure in December ...

At his discretion, his retinologist is ....
We're getting his lifetime of Medicare taxes back up-front.

Remind me of Rahm Emanuel's quote:

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"