Current list of known RNY (or lapband) to DS surgeons


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Dr. Keshishian, located in California

Dr. Rabkin, located in California

Dr. Simper, located in Utah

Dr. Rod McKinley, located in Utah

Dr. Elariny, located in Virginia

Dr. Stephen Boyce Knoxville, TN

Dr. Ayoola, located in Frisco and Denton, TX

Dr. Troy Glembot, Winchester, VA

Dr. Charles Procter, Jr. Atlanta, GA

Of course, the above doctors are in the United States
Dr. Gagner in Canada but please use caution, and RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr David Kerrigan in the UK
Dr. Shafiq Javed also in the UK

Lapband to DS:
Dr. Margaret Inman in Indianapolis/Carmel, IN Have reports that state she has done RNY to DS revisions but is VERY picky.

Dr. Myur Srikanth in Federal Way, WA. His web site also states he does RNY to DS revisions.

Dr. Esquerra Mexicali has done lapband to DS revisions.

Removal of known Revision surgeons:
Dr. Buckwald: this post:

Dr. Roslin, see reason here:

Dr. longer doing them per this post:

Dr. Baltasar...retired, per this post:

Dr. Antanavicius (Dr. G), located at Abington, PA. and Dr. Bonnani, located at Abington, longer doing revisions per this post:

Dr. Greenbaum, NJ, is retiring end of year and no longer accepting new patients.

List updated 10/10/2020
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MY opinions:
  • I would not go to Buchwald - reports are that he is not doing the surgeries himself.
  • Roslin will not always revise to DS - he is not comfortable with certain RNY pouch constructs and will only do ERNY; also, he has given a number of people SADI instead of a proper DS.
  • Greenbaum and Gagner - no (too many people ending up with different surgeries)
I'm picky.


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Dr. Marchesini and Dr. Baltasar are very leary these days about doing RNY o DS revisions on out-of-country patients. The reason being that the patient does not stay long enough in case of complications. I think they both still do them but it is on a case to case basis.

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I live in Santa Maria CA and I have DR David Macabee. I have done full research on him he is board certified, has had no legal action taken against him. Great surgeon if anyone is looking in my area. You can also go to to research doctors. Hope this helps!!!


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Larry, I looked up Dr. Macabee, and while he may be a fine surgeon, he lists only gastric bypass, lap band and sleeve as the bariatric surgeries he performs, NOT DS and certainly not revisions of RNY to DS, which is the subject of this thread. There are, as you can see from the short list provided, only a handful of surgeons doing this particular complex operation and however good a surgeon and human being he may be, he isn't one of them.
If you want an operation other than the DS, he may be a great choice for you. If you want the DS or a revision of a prior bariatric surgery to the DS, you need to look elsewhere.


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Okay, I am gonna mention Dr. Boyce as a RNY to DS revision surgeon. When I asked back last July (2013) for his information so I could pass it along, this was what I got back, My question in black. Her answer in Red.
Got this from his Office Manager, Robin is his nurse:

There is a list of Duodenal Switch patients from ALL over the country who help others learn about this particular surgery and which surgeons do the procedure.

I want to add Dr. Boyce to that list but we need a few details if you don't mind answering.

1) About how many DS surgeries has he done (not the practice but him) just over 500.

2) Complication rate? 10%

3) Where did he learn the skill to do a DS? Who was his mentor? Dr. Smith in Atlanta and thru 24 years of experience with Weight Loss surgery.

Robin said he has done revisions (lap band to DS or RNY to DS.), yes both

4) About how many revisions to a DS has he done. 155

5) Where did he learn to do that revision? Self taught in private practice Dr. Boyce is currently a faculty member for the Ethicon Education Program for both DS and Revisions. He teaches courses for physicians as well as having surgeons come to our practice to learn the procedure.


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It's good to know that Dr. Boyce is another potential resource for people seeking RNY to DS revision. We are seeing new people with failed RNY, or severe and persistent complications from RNY that are very difficult to live with, all the time, and they need as many resources as possible.

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I live in Santa Maria CA and I have DR David Macabee. I have done full research on him he is board certified, has had no legal action taken against him. Great surgeon if anyone is looking in my area. You can also go to to research doctors. Hope this helps!!!

Maccabee's info is puzzling. He seems to be an experienced bariatric surgeon and a fellow...FACS of the college of surgeons...but the California Medical Board shows that he has NO board certifications. Probably an oversight as the College does refer to him.

HOWEVER...these are the areas he has listed as areas of interest to him:

Areas of Special Interest

Trauma/Injury Procedures
Surgical Oncology (Cancer/Tumors)
Minimal Access Surgery
Abdomen and Digestion Disorder/Procedure
Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas Disor/Procedures
Vascular Disorders/Procedures
Bariatric (Severe Obesity) Procedures
Colon and Rectal Disorders/Cancer
Bowel Control
Venous Disorders/Procedures
Minimally Invasive Procedures
Hernia Procedures
Skin & Soft Tissue Disorders/Procedures
Venous Disorders/Procedures

So...bariatric surgery is in there...and maybe he has focused on that area recently...but he has spread himself a little thin generalizing as opposed to specializing.

Given that I lived in CA most of my 67 years, and spent the past 14 years or so reading about the DS and eventually having a revision to that surgery, I can tell you that I would NEVER consider this surgeon for a revision to DS or even a virgin DS.

He may be good enough some day...but I don't believe he is there yet. If you are in California and want a DS or revision to DS, your best bets are San Francisco or Los Angeles counties.



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And is essentially worthless as a source of information about a surgeon's lawsuits and actions by medical boards. Look up John Husted and you'll see NOTHING against him, when there are nearly 10 med/mal suits pending and a $10.6M judgment in one if them.

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@Larra @Larry M

Ut-oh....Maccabee (and PubMed screwed with his ethnic heritage by turning a nice little Jewish boy,
David Lev Maccabee, into "MacCabee, D." And isn't THAT a shame? Jewish mothers everywhere are beyond verklempt that Mrs. Maccabee is NOT getting credit for being the mother of a Jewish doctor) was associated with Devaney and they must have done some piss poor DS procedures there in Oregon, because they had the same results as the RnY.

Where else on the planet has THAT happened?

So @Elizabeth N. Was probably NOT overreacting when she advised us to run.

My guess is that Maccabee has been involved with the DS, but not at the side of someone who had mastered the art. So he probably has a less-than-glowing opinion of the procedure based, of course, on what he witnessed.

Too bad.


I agree with Diana about Dr. Buchwald. Although he did an excellent job revising my RNY to a true DS...that was over 3 years ago and it seems that in the last two years, he has changed his tune. He is old and is not doing his own surgeries anymore....just overseeing the students that do the surgeries for him. He is an excellent surgeon, but he is doing ERNY most of the time now. For RNY to true DS revisions....I don't think MN has a surgeon anymore.