Comparison of WL Surgery types

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    The best overview of the different surgeries WITH statistics is actually found at There is a chart of the four accepted by the ASMBS and their statistics.

    The four accepted by ASMBS (and as a result, insurance companies) are these: The Adjustable Gastric band aka lap band, the Sleeve Gastrectomy aka VSG, the Gastric Bypass (proper name is RNY), and the DS (aka BPD/DS).

    There are another NEW one (the name is still IN flux depending on who is doing it) called the SADI or LoopDS or SIPS. That one is not an accepted standard of care YET. We hope that it replaces the RNY as the new one retains the pyloric valve.

    Read each before making a final decision as to which surgery is best for you.
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