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Hi everybody,

I am planning on getting a DS, as soon as possible. My GP will be back in December. I'll be self paying and traveling abroad for it. I am hoping my GP will be co operative and will not refuse to order lab work and take care of follow up after surgery. If she's uncooperative, I'll have to start looking for a new GP. After my recent diabetes diagnosis, I'd really like to get things moving asap.

A few questions for you and thanks in advance for your help

1) I am concerned if the BC healthcare plan will pay for my lab work post DS. Do you pay for your lab work or is it covered? What reason does your doctor write for the tests?

2) I was looking at the lab requisition for my recent blood tests, and it doesn't have the categories for tests DS'ers need. Does a separate lab do these tests or does the doctor just add these to the requisition sheet by hand?

3) Which vitamins do you purchase from amazon? Are there any you get from costco?
Right now, I am only seeing the prices for the pre packaged vites on Vitalady's website. They're well over 400 dollars US for 3 months. Do you pay heavy import duties on these? I am hoping her regular bottles are cheaper and that they're still available.

I want to get my first batch or two from Vitalady and then transition to ordering from Amazon, vitamin shoppe and costco.

Thank you once again. Your help is deeply appreciated.


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I'm not sure how to answer about your insurance as I'm from the States where everything sucks. Really all I can answer are the vitamins thing.

I started getting stuff from vitalady but amazon prime is just too freaking convenient. I get the high doses of A D E K, calcium, centrum adult multis, and magnesium. Look for add on items which are usually great deals. I also use Isopure protein powder which has a bazillion vitamins and minerals in it.

As for blood work, I get mine through the office that did the surgery so they know what to draw. It's literally 15 vials of blood. Anyway, I'd do your research and ask the doctor what they'll pull and make sure they get the right stuff to check for.


Hey Ainu

Thanks for responding. unfortunately most dry a d e and k needed are either not available or ridiculously expensive at 140 per bottle or selling 10 dollar bottle for 30 on amazon canada. the US amazon site doesn't deliver bio tech dry vitamins to canada. Some other vitamins are cheaper though on amazon ca. I am also looking at vita cost.

I hope some of our Canadian members might also chime in.
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I order my dry vits (ADE the K cannot be imported into Canada which is a problem) from Biotech directly it's very fast and you can't order it from for some weird reason. Most of my other vits I just get on sale. I am going to my doctor this week not sure if BC med will cover the labs this will be my 3 month, will update. I do know D is not covered unless ordered by specialist so I might request a referral. They wanted $60 dollars for just the D pre-surgery so I skipped it but might have to get it done now.