C. diff and Colon Cancer

Spiky Bugger

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Well. My colorectal surgeon says that even though my outside-the-colon-&-rectum-dysplasia was from a virus and even though I’m boring, I’m now an-every-three-months visitor.

I will mention this next visit.


Spiky Bugger

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I forgot!

I was there today. As soon as she saw me, it was, “Ut oh! Here comes trouble!”

Then later, I said that I was feeling sad that HCWs are being treated so poorly. She said, “I stopped putting up with it YESTERDAY! For the second time in my career, I FIRED a patient!” I asked why. Doctor said, “She was just mean. Mean to me. Mean to my staff. So I told her that she would be happier elsewhere.”

I have another appointment in three months. (I’m high risk for anal cancer…and she KNOWS I had c-diff) but this time I’ll make a note on my calendar.