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Labor averse creature that I am, I tend to seach for recipes on my iPad instead of wandering off to our “office,” and looking through various cookbooks. Generally, Google sends me to blogs (or to Pinterest, which sends me to blogs) and usually I become VERY frustrated. (Mostly, I don’t give a rat’s hind end about their loving marriages and strong religious beliefs and cute pets and it takes FOREVER to get to the teeny, tiny entry that provides the oven temp, ingredients and directions.)

Do you have favorite sites for recipes?
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Taste of Home
My own file of recipes on Dropbox.


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pinterest would be so much better if it was easier to get to what you want, seriously.

I've never heard of dropbox...

I don't cook enough to have favorite sites but check this out Eat This, Not That if only because I see butter listed as good

and whole foods has recipes including a category called "protein packed"

and I want to try out some stuff on the Wheatbelly blog, he has "Raspberry Cheesecake fat blasters" what do you think?

I'm getting inspired just reading these....:p


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I keep a bunch of Recipes bookmarked in Chrome. Since I have an Android phone I can see my bookmarks on it (which is handy when shopping for ingredients). I assume a similar trick could be done with Safari and an iPhone but I do not know. Because I am a terrible human being I still usually print off the recipe when I actually prepare it (I have most of the proven winners in our cookbook so I don't have to run a copy every time).


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On Pinterest, look for the "jump to recipe" note to click on. Some have it. I have Food Porn on Pinterest, under my real name, Jean Dey, if you wanna see.