So today I’m feeling a bit hopefully after reading through my insurance handbook “BCBSNYC” Medicaid. I remember calling my insurance and being told that it is impossible for me to have surgery out of state and I call this year and I’m being told that it is possible. It’s been so frustrating because there is no doctor in nyc who can do a traditional duodenal switch everyone is doing sips/Sadi etc. Finally I called my insurance and even talking to them was difficult but they told me that out of network care is possible if Dr. keshishian can send them a pre authorization and something showing why revision is needed. Also I live in nyc and dr. K is in California. I have appointments set up for an endoscopy and a ct scan in New York. So finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please share your experiences

Thank u for letting me share


First time at the rodeo.
I hope this works out for you!

I'm not sure if this is relevant to bariatric procedures, but it may give you some additional hope. I live in Illinois, have BCBS IL and my son routinely sees medical experts in Houston and California and I see specialists in Louisiana. BCBS IL has some sort of arrangement with BCBS in other states and they sort it all out for me.