Atkins Dessert Bars/Cookies


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Overall pretty tasty. But not tasty enough to eat the whole box so probably pretty good for us. The downside, they are tiny. Like 1'' by 2''. A 2 bite treat. So real world, we could probably eat a tiny portion of any of the 'real' desserts without being derailed completely too. But the real desserts are too tasty and there are all those pesky leftovers. And then there is the temptation to cut that piece a little too big as well. This way, they are prepackaged, one and done. You are paying for built in portion control. Plus these have protein. More than the real thing. And they are not cheap. You could probably make your own or buy at a regular bakery for considerably less cash.

One cookie is a serving. Soft, chewy and about 2' in diameter. They come in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Peanutbutter. 4 cookies in a box for about $6. And they smell more like a cookie than whey and that's a good thing.

The dessert bars come in Lemon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Caramel, and Dulce de Leche. They smell wonderful. I couldn't taste any cheesecake though. That surprised me because it is really easy to make low carb cheesecake that tastes like cheesecake. They are all good. The texture is firm like most Atkins products so they ship well and have a longer shelf life but not as soft as the real thing. Very edible. Not bingeable. Probably worth trying. I will probably decide which one is my favorite and order more. There are 4 bars in a box for about $6.


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I enjoy the Atkins treats, they don't tend to upset my stomach too much and they don't trigger my need to eat more. One of the indulgence bars is like a Snickers bar (I mean, sorta?) and I used to keep those at my desk at work because I'd get that 3pm "GOTTA SNACK" thing and I knew there was a Snickers in the vending machine but I could grab one of these and feel like I had a treat but it didn't make me feel I needed more of them.

I like the Slim Fast Keto Fat bombs, the peanut butter cups are quite tasty. They are small, yes, but because they are fat bombs they sate me quite well.

For cost, I'll say this, most real candy bars (like my beloved Snickers) are shrinking in size and increasing in cost. A King size bar, is $2 and only slightly bigger than the normal size bars used to be. Most non-king sized bars are $1.25+ as well. I feel like these Atkins products get a bad rap because of size and cost and yet when you break it down to per portion pricing, it's not that bad. My mom gets so upset at the cost of low-carb or gluten-free bread, for example, and yet when I break it down into portion pricing it's completely reasonable. I can buy a loaf of low-carb bread for LESS than the cost of a single meal at a fast food restaurant. I was at Carl's Jr. the other day and some of their combos (not even upsized!) are $13!!! We (society as a whole) tend to think nothing of paying that for fast food but when it's a component like bread we freak out. :)